The book for beginners

We provide effective training to those interested in undertaking their own bookkeeping within their business, and we pride ourselves on tailoring all training to your specific individual needs.

All training is offered either on site at your business or within our own offices. We can offer a room within our offices which can be used to receive one-to-one training on Quickbooks accounting packages for both business and charity accounting.  


Why train with us?

When businesses use our training services, we see clients grasp concepts more confidently as we teach them how to approach simple tasks such as enter a bill or create an invoice. We often encourage independent working and set tasks within our training allowing clients to discover difficult areas and ask for the required help.


Our facilities

We can provide a well equipped learning environment within our offices and rent this space out on an hourly basis*. For those interested in using our facilities we offer a quiet space to work and access to their accounts using our secure software.

*Training is charged on an hourly basis at different rates dependent on whether the training required is supervised or unsupervised.


Ready to learn?

Whether you need to hire a quiet learning environment or take advantage of our bookkeeping knowledge, we're here to help. 

Contact us to discuss your needs and enquire about our availability.